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Boys Running and Slow Motion

How to Slow Down Boys Running Through the House

Our son has span of about 60 feet to run from one end of the house to the other and he often gets his twin sister running along with him. Needless to say our house is not a quiet one, and that’s not counting the other kids. We have told him to “walk, don’t run” so many times I couldn’t even begin to tell you. When we do tell him, he listens, but after a short period of time he quickly forgets and we have tried several methods to try and remind him, to little avail.

We also are sure that he gets loads of outdoor exercise, because boys running is a completely normal activity they need to do. And, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sit still to do his schoolwork, but that’s another topic.


How to slow down your boys running through the house.



Finally we found something that worked for the indoor running, and oddly enough, the thought occurred to me from a Tim Hawkins video, the clip of which I cannot find, so it may have been one of the longer videos. But, anyway, he makes a joke how boys always describe things in slow motion.

As our boy began to get a little older – from age 3-5, we started noticing how he was doing this. He began telling his stories, complete with slow motion animation – which has been unbelievably entertaining.

So back to the running – we finally told him he could run as much as he wanted all over the house and from one end to the other – he just had to do it in slow motion.

At first he looked at me a little odd and then he gave me a great big smile and said “Ok, Mom!” He was super excited – he understands that it takes more effort and it’s something you have to get just right. He was actually happy to take on such a great task and wanted me to watch a million times to make sure he was getting it right.

Surprisingly, though not perfect, this has drastically cut down on the running from one end of the house to the other.

We can’t, and shouldn’t, try to stop our boys running, but sometimes we need to find things to slow them down a bit indoors. If you’re having trouble with an energetic and overactive, (aka normal), little boy – give it a try and see if it slows him down a bit inside. But, be sure to let him run as fast as he can, as often as he can outside – at least daily.

Have a blessed day!

Samantha & Michael Grace Kids Book Authors