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God-Led Parenting

Christian Parenting - Letting God Lead


I am the youngest of 4 kids – an afterthought you might say, all my siblings are much older than me and they’re all close in age. Not the best of thoughts growing up – but I now know that God is the one who makes plans.  Anyway, in my upbringing, being so small, but with big ears and everyone else being older – I got to listen and observe – and learn – a lot.

Naturally I always wanted to please my parents, so I had the perfect opportunity to learn what to do and what not to do from all the things I saw and heard about my older siblings, and even all my parents younger siblings.

I gained quite an education through the simple process of observation and I really did try to be a good child. I remember feeling a bit of shock to my system when I was suddenly in trouble for doing something wrong – (I’m not saying always – I certainly wasn’t perfect), but the times I remember the most  were vivid points where I truly didn’t realize that I had done anything wrong and I was in trouble.  I have thought of this often when raising our children and has shaped my parenting.

There are several occasions where we see the child doing something they shouldn’t and what we do is simply stop them and explain – on their comprehension level – that what they are doing is wrong and they shouldn’t do it.  Most often they never do it again – unless they “forget”, but we know that if they intentionally do it again then it’s being done with a defiant motive and that’s needs dealt with differently.

After being a parent for over 20 years now, I can truthfully say that each child has different needs and intentions when doing the same thing as another child, which can be sometimes daunting to a parent until they’ve had a few children, though not always.


Christian Parenting and God


The neat thing about this too, is that God is so awesome that he provides all of the opportunities and needs for each child, at every given moment of their childhood.  What a thought!

As parents we need to be able to discern whether a child is doing something wrong intentionally or simply doesn’t know any better – there’s a big difference and going the wrong way can be very hurtful to the child.

And just what does a parent need to do to tap into this awesome power?  It’s pretty simple really.  Just trust in Him.  That’s it – no crazy formula, chant, instructions, or recipes.  Just trust in Him.

That’s the big secret for being the best parent you can be for  your child and supplying their every need is God-led parenting.

Have an awesome day & God Bless you!

Samantha & Michael Grace Kids Book Authors