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My Little Boy

My Little Boy

Christian Children's Book for Boys and ParentsChildren can sometimes prove to be frustrating, exuberant, boisterous and this is a read-aloud book for parents and children addressing just that in a sweet and subtle manner.  We often hear  “Well, he’s just being a boy” or “boys will be boys” and similar phrases such as this when a boy does something like take apart his toy truck or hammer a hole in the wall.  But, if we take the time to understand why the 2-year-old boy put the wrench in the toilet and flushed it, maybe we’ll realize he was just trying to fix it like he saw Daddy or Grandpa doing one day, hopefully not in the same way though!  If you ask him why he did it – his little mind really can’t say, but he just simply knows there’s a connection between the wrench and the toilet.

As parents we need to really need to think about why a small child did such a thing, rather than get upset that they ruined our newly painted wall with a hammer or duct tape.  Children’s minds are constantly learning and developing into bigger children, teens and then adults who’s entire character is dependent on how they are treated when they are very small.  We need to decide what’s more important – our material possessions, or our children’s very souls?

In addition, these days, little boys in particular, are being drugged, put down, and left to grow into powerless “men”.  In schools they are chastised for not sitting still and told they have learning problems when in reality they just simply do not have enough time with their fathers or enough physical activities to keep them occupied.  It’s a fact that boys are generally more agressive and require more physical activities, they need to conquer mountains and that’s just the way that God made them to be.  They don’t need “fixed” or taught to get in touch with their feelings, instead they need to do things of real accomplishment, they need to learn how to be real men and the people they need to learn this from are their parents.

Little boys are young men in the making who don’t need false praising, but need to learn from understanding parents.  Parents need to train their children in love and understanding to see the “why’s” in their small minds before reacting.

If we get a new puppy, what do we do?  We train them how to act and behave – after all you cannot get angry with a puppy for not sitting when he hasn’t been taught how to yet.  It’s a similar scenario with children, though they are not like animals, but you cannot expect them to know not to write all over the walls with marker if you haven’t taught them to write on paper.

This book has subtle poetry and color pictures about a young little boy who is learning how to do things and is so proud to show his parents his accomplishments, and the reaction of the parents is what is important for his development.

 Sample Pages from My Little Boy

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  – Proverbs 22:6 KJV