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My Little Girl


Christian Girl's Book for Kids and Parents

This book is the twin to our book My Little Boy and is the same poetic manner for enjoyable reading aloud. Little girls and parents alike enjoy the heartwarming Christian principles found within the text, with little reminders to parents for understanding, while entertaining for children.

Little girls need to be able to do things so that they can learn and grow, just like boys. Just as boys come with all different personalities and gifts, girls do too. As parents we just need to recognize their differences and show understanding so that girls can grow up to be all that God intended for them to be.

From the back cover:

“My Little Girl is a lovely poem that reminds parents that little girls are all different and need Christian understanding with love, even when they sometimes make a mess.”

The Second Edition for My Little Girl is available ONLY at Amazon.

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Sample Pages from My Little Girl



Coloring pages from the book can be found here.